Studio professional photo 009Headed by John Downham, who is a a 7th Degree Black Belt, and a staff of expert instructors, Downham’s Univeral Karate Academy offers a number of programs for physical fitness and instruction in American Kenpo Karate.

“Before starting karate, Shelby was a pretty lazy kid. She complained about any and all exercise. She complained about PE at school and was not interested in any sports. Since she has been practicing karate, that has all changed. She loves karate and is getting more active in PE at school. She has started walking to and from school (she actually wanted to). Her dad and I are very impressed and happy with her new active lifestyle.” ~Amy H.

“My son, Robert, is nine years old. I, of course, like what karate does for Robert’s discipline. But more important of all is the pride I see in his ear-to-ear smiles he gets at Downham’s.” ~Frank G.

“Since beginning kenpo at age four, Ethan has learned so much, not only about tehcniques and basics, but more importantly about self discipline, respect, and focus. At Downham’s Universal Karate Academy, my child learns about patience and proper interaction with peers in a supervised setting.” ~Anita L.


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