No More Bullies!

Downham’s Kenpo Karate is dedicated to the ideal that there should be no bullies.  We teach our students to be discerning about when to and when not to use their physical skills.  Part of what they learn is how to be confident in the face of bullying.

We offer a special presentation available to parent groups, teachers, and community leaders to help educate children about bullying.  Please call us for more information and to schedule your presentation.  530-872-4291

Student: Karate has helped me stay fit. I normally don’t exercise too much, and I eat a lot of junk food, so karate has helped me stay healthy. Without it, I would probably just sit on the computer all day and get fat. J.

Student: Karate has helped me with school, by teaching me about discipline, helping my poor memory, and making me a more resilient person. Because I’ve learned discipline I have mostly A’s in my classes at high school. Karate made my memory better because in karate you have to memorize forms and techniques. S.

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