Downhams Kenpo Karate Has burnt to the ground, we will reach out to students down the road if you want to contact Sensei downham 530-521-7709


Downham’s Universal Karate Academy has been offering instruction and training in Kenpo since 1992.  Located in Paradise, CA, Downham’s Universal Karate Academy has produced champions in life as well as in the martials arts.

Contact us at (530) 872-4291 for information about our great Introductory Program.

We love Downhams! Our son is focused and engaged in training. He is excited to progress from level to level & he looks forward to class. Afer trying lots of sports,baseball,swimming, and soccer, we have finally found a great sport for him. Thanks Downhams. Your’re the best! M&J C.

Having been a student of yours for many years has given Emily a strong sense of self confidence and belonging,especially after earning her junior black belt. My husband and I are so greatful for you. Your patience,firm direction and caring-teaching are an inspiration for students and parents alike. Thank you, God bless Jennifer

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